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Experience Udaipur – Majestic Lake View Resorts a call of Romanticism

  • At a Glance of Lake View Hotel Udaipur
  • Overview of Udaipur
  • Top 10 Udaipur Attractions
  • Significance of Best Udaipur Resorts
At a Glance:
Udaipur ~ Venice of East is known for its amorous cityscape; romantic boat cruise in azure lakes, cultural fragrance in its lanes and historical imprints of yesteryears. Its world’s 50th must visit destination before you die!
What makes it special?
Everything about Udaipur is special, spectacular, grand and serene. However, it’s the natural lake view hotel Udaipur, which makes it’s a destination of unique experiences.
The resorts of Udaipur are far famed, for their royal designs, Persian palace comforts, lake view rooms, modern amenities, delicious Rajasthani cuisines and recreational facilities.
Overview of Udaipur:
The city of Lakes; myriad stories of gallant, lively markets, nostalgic city lanes, royal cultures, and enchanting history is waiting to be discovered. Come Udaipur! The enamoring destination of Rajasthan, with its rich heritage and background of historic architecture inspired from Rajput sagas calls for a fascinating romanticist vacation of lifetime. Udaipur holidays are best for love birds, honeymooners, and family vacationers.
Note:Honeymooners must opt for boat cruise at Lake Pichola during sunset.  The boat cruise is recommended for every traveler to this beautiful destination. Food lovers must not forget to relish ‘the Natraj Thali’ at Udaipur.
Top 10 Udaipur Attractions:
  • City Palace: This majestic palace is the symbol of Udaipur and was constructed in the year 1559 by Maharana Udai Singh. The historic architecture is positioned at the banks of ‘Lake Pichola’ and is loved by tourists for its exclusive paintings. The palace reverberate the fusion of ‘European, Medieval and Chinese’ architecture. It’s known for its 11 marvelous palaces, colorful courtyards, designed terraces, hanging gardens and awe-stuck antiques. One must take the City Palace tour, visit the City Palace Museum and scenic beauty of Lake Pichola.

    Hotel lake view resort Udaipur

  • Lake Pichola: The center of Udaipur attraction was commissioned by Rana Udai Singh II in the 1362 AD. The lake is a stunning attraction to capture moments and is truly a photographer’s delight. The picturesque lake encircled amidst ‘Olympian hills, splendorous palaces, temples of significance and bathing Ghats. Mustn’t forget to enjoy the boat cruise at sunset; go for a walk around the lake; and visit attractions Lake Palace as well as Lake garden palace.

    Natural lake view hotel Udaipur

  • Lake Palace: This is the iconic structure of Udaipur; it’s been filmed in Bond Movies, recently in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani and has always been the center of attraction. One must enjoy the lip smacking recipes of its many restaurants and not forget to take a tour to its famed heritage sites. One must also visit the nearby ‘Jagdish Temple’ and capture in lens the sunset at ‘Lake Fatehsagar’.

    Lake Facing Hotel Udaipur

  • Lake Garden Palace: This man-made wonder of Rajput’s has been the inspiration behind Taj Mahal. It also served as the host to ‘Shah Jahan’ who took refuge at ‘Garden Palace’ during his younger days. This is a symbol of ‘Rajput’s and Mughal’s friendship. One must visit the flower garden, enjoy the traditional ‘Rajasthani Cuisine’ at Darikhana Restaurant, and one must not forget to visit the palace museum.

    villas by lakeside in Udaipur

  • The other attractions are ‘Vintage Car Museum, Bagore Ki Haveli, Saheliyon Ki Bari, Jagdish Temple, Shilpgram and Moti Magri’.

Note: To enjoy the best of Udaipur Vacation, you must always book the best hotel lake view resort Udaipur.

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Plan an exclusive stay in one of the best budget restaurants in Udaipur

Want to spend your holiday in the midst of beautiful lakes, lush gardens, massive forts, historical palaces and artistic temples? Then Udaipur is the place for you. It is an ideal tourist destination for foreign and national travelers. It is an amazing city with picturesque views of the shimmering lakes and the tall Aravalli Range. But given a limited budget, how can you make the most of your visit?

Do your research right
When planning a vacation bear in mind the budget you are limited to. Before visiting Udaipur, make plans and research on the places to see and stay. Udaipur offers hotels for every budget, both luxurious and budget. If you wish to stay in true Maharaja style, then make your bookings in advance to avoid the holiday rush and exuberant prices. Make sure you plan your itinerary in a way that you don’t regret missing out on anything after you leave the place. So given the limited budget and time, make the most of your visit by planning right. Plan your trip and stay to give the most amazing experience of this stunning city to your loved ones. So whether you are planning for a honeymoon or a family outing, Udaipur will not disappoint you.

A luxurious stay
Udaipur offers many luxurious hotels and resorts to cater to all types of travelers. So if you want to revisit the Rajputana era then choose to stay at the many resorts that Udaipur has to offer. These hotels make every guest feel like a celebrity with their impeccable service. Palatial buildings, elegant interiors and comfortable rooms will make you a truly royal experience. These hotels obviously are pricey, but if you plan and book in advance you might get a great deal. So if you want experience Udaipur extravagantly then, many hotel in Udaipur and resorts like Shree Vilas will give you an enjoyable escapade.

Why make your stay extravagant and pleasant?
When you think of Udaipur, a glimpse of massive havelis, glittering lakes and scenic beauty come to mind. Many hotels make you feel like you are staying in a palace with their authentic, traditional and beautiful interiors. Since Udaipur is the city of Maharajas, why not stay there in true Maharaja style. Comfortable and spacious rooms, acres of lush green gardens and romantic mountain and lake view will make your stay memorable and delightful. These resorts and lakeside villas will burn a hole in your pocket but their service and stay will make it all worthwhile.

Try the mouth-watering treats
Whether you want to try the delicious delicacies on the street side cafes or in a plush restaurant, Udaipur offers plenty of eateries with delectable and traditional food. So do try the authentic Rajasthani food at the luxurious restaurants or Budget Restaurants in udaipur, with an amazing view of the pristine lakes and beautiful palaces. Traditional food like Dal Bhaati Churma, Pyaaz Kachori, Ghewar and Mirchi Bada to name a few, are available at any local eatery. Make sure to taste the regional food for lunch or dinner with your loved ones at the local budget restaurants. They will sure leave your palate wanting for more.

Hotel in Udaipur
Book city tours
In case you have been to Udaipur before, you might know all the great spots to visit. But if this is your first visit, then you surely need to plan a proper tour of the city so that nothing worth seeing is missed. Many traveling agencies book custom-made city tours which include in city travelling and tickets for monuments. This might be a reasonable deal because of their all-inclusive package and also you will not skip any significant tourist attraction. So if you are a big group then booking city tours is the best option. In case of a lone traveler, you may buy a map and explore the city. For larger groups these agencies also give buses and cars on rent so you can explore the city on your own too.

If budget is a limitation then careful planning and advance booking is advised. Some hotels and resorts also offer great deals and discounts during off-season on their website. So you can take advantage of it and plan a luxurious stay at any of the extravagant resorts with your limited budget.

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Budget Restaurants in Udaipur with Rajasthani and North Indian food

About Our Facilities
Shree-Vilas hotel is top hotel in Udaipur situated on Lake Pichola it feels like home. If you are looking for hotels in Udaipur, then give us one chance. After that you will feel amazing. We take care of our guest. Choose Budget Restaurants in Udaipur with affordable price. We offers various facilities like  swimming pool, High Speed Internet with Wi-fi , Same Day Laundry service , Doctor on Call , Lake View , Cable Television, 24 Hour Running Hot and cold Water , everyone can find this offer easily.

Budget Restaurants in Udaipur

Budget Restaurants in Udaipur
Choose now budget restaurant in Udaipur with best offers and discounts. We serves a rich variety of traditional Rajasthani, North Indian and excellent multi cuisine delicacies food for our guest on time.

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Try the mouth-watering delicacies in budget restaurants of Udaipur

In a metropolitan city like Udaipur where the inflow of tourists is always at a high rate the demand to serve good food also rises. Most of the people look to have the delicacies of that particular place and in this case Udaipur. Udaipur is a city located in Rajasthan and thus the food served here is very authentic in nature and exotic visually. There are some of the best Budget restaurants in Udaipur and eating houses in Udaipur where the food is just mind boggling and the service is at its best. The staffs are very professional when it comes to hospitality and they welcome their guests the same way they welcome gods which completes a very Indian saying “guests are a form of God.
India is a place where the people love to eat. We Indians believe in the concept of live to eat rather than eat to live. Whenever people travel from one place to another or are out on holidays going from places to places the first or maybe the most important place that they look for is from where to eat proper healthy and delicious food for an affordable price.

What do the Budget restaurants in Udaipur Serve?
The Budget restaurants in Udaipur serve mainly focus on vegetarian delicacies but this does not mean that there is no hope for the sincerely non vegetarian food loving people as there are places where they serve very good non veg food items as well. Well the food in Udaipur is fully influenced by the Rajpoots who mainly ate vegetarian food and lived a very simple life. The food here is filled with Dals, and vegetables that are made into different kinds of superb delicacies and served to people in the city. There are a lot of street stalls as well from where you can buy Rajasthani snacks and enjoy them apart from having a superb lunch in the Budget restaurants in Udaipur.

The very famous delicacies of Udaipur
There are some common delicacies of the city that you will get in every Budget restaurants in Udaipur which are as follows:-
  1. Dal Bati Choorma – you should never leave Udaipur without tasing the Dal Bati Choorma which is basically a dish that has 3 elements namely Dal or lentils, Bati or roti and Choorma is a sweet. This is a complete meal and is the most famous dish in Rajasthan
  2. Pyaz Kachori – this is basically a tea time snack that is made with lots of onion that is filled inside flour and then deep fried. This is eaten with Mirchi or Dhaniya ki Chutney and is just mesmerising.
  3. Mirchi Bada – this is also a snack that is very famous in the city and is available both in Veg and Non Veg forms. The veg Mirchi Bada just has the chilli (Mirchi) and potato stuffed inside it and the Non Veg version has meat stuffed inside the big chillies and then fried. The line No one can eat just one applies here as this is that very snack that both the locals and the tourists enjoy and eat it with lots of love.
  4. Rajasthani Ghewar – this is basically a desert as well as a sweet that is served in the Budget restaurants in Udaipur. This is made up of lots of flour, sugar and the best quality yummy desi ghee that you will only get in Udaipur. This is also being served these days with Ice creams for people who like a twist in the taste.
Natural lake view hotel Udaipur

The Natural Lake view hotels are the best place to stay in the city
When it comes to an ideal hotel to stay in the city you can surely book your stay in one of the Natural Lake view hotels in Udaipur. One of the very good and prominent Natural Lake View Hotel Udaipur in the city is the Hotel Shree Vilas which is also a Resort with a lot of facilities that include a Spa, restaurant, recreational centre and much more. Use their portal to book your rooms for your vacations this summer now. You can also take a look on all their services on the website itself.

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Easy Tips To Make Your Udaipur Trip Memorable

Udaipur is one of the wonderful places where you can plan for a lovely trip with your loved ones. No doubt that if you are planning to visit this place for the first time then there are certain things that you need to know. Right from choosing the hotel till visiting the place, you must see to it that the money you spent on this trip is worth. Too many reviews on everything can confuse you and that is why when you plan for a trip see to it that you actually experience on your own. That is why here are some must do things in Udaipur that you might want to try out.

Easy Tips On Choosing The Hotel In Udaipur:
While searching for hotels in Udaipur, see to it you come across those properties that are near to the tourist areas. This will eventually save your time and money on transportation and travelling. Besides, there are many hotels that are situated in the heart of the city. This will help you get more options on the nearby places to explore in Udaipur. See to it that you choose the hotel which has good facilities, amenities and ventilation with spacious rooms that can make your stay a pleasant experience.

Places To Visit In Udaipur:
Udaipur is also popular by the name of city of lakes as it has some great natural attractions that you may not find elsewhere.  Some of the must visit places are known for the gardens, castles, museums and monuments that were made in the royal Rajputana era. The Lake Palace, the City Palace, the Jagmandir, Vintage Car Museum, Maharana Pratab Memorial and Shrinathji Temple to name a few are must visit places. There are many hotels near Shrinathji templelike Shree Vilas which is close to other tourist destinations.

Local Food That You Must Try: When it comes of exploring the food, the street of Udaipur is number one at it. This city is loaded with so many variety of food to try which you will definitely fall in love. Some of the must try food are laal mas, kachori, chaat, gate ki sang, and daal bati to name a few dishes that are extremely delicious and give you a perfect taste of Rajasthani food that you might not have explored anywhere else. Other than this, there are some incredible street foods that you must try in Udaipur which of course taste amazing.

Activities To Do In Udaipur:
When you are in Udaipur, after you are done with exploring tourist places and letting your taste buds enjoy some delicious food, it is high time for you to do some incredible activities. Talking of which, old city cycle tour in Udaipur is quite popular. Besides it, if you have a good budget then you must take a joy helicopter ride of the city that will give you an incredible experience. Trekking tour and a heritage walk in Udaipur is incredible too. And after all this, if there is still some time left then you might also want to take a look at Kumbalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary.
Now that you are pretty much clear about things that you should do in Udaipur once you are here, make sure you make the best of time. In case, you are travelling to this place during season, you are advised to make the booking well in advance. The better you research well about the place, the more you can get to know about things to explore here. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and plan for this amazing trip with your loved ones that you can mesmerize later.

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The Best Hotels in Udaipur, and Facilities Offered

Udaipur is the former capital of the great city of Mewar in Rajasthan, and being situated snugly in the Aravalli range, it is surrounded by mesmerizing lakes. After Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, Udaipur holds the record for being the most popular destination in Rajasthan. The beautiful temples all around the city, the Lake Palace and other humungous forts in the city make it a great spot for tourists from all over the country and across the world. You can have some of the most memorable and luxurious stays ever, at any of the following Hotels in Udaipur, wenever you choose to visit it. Shrinathji Temple in Nathdwara is one of the most intrinsic parts of the culture of this place, and offers an insight into the lives of the people. In case you choose to live close to this temple in Udaipur, these are some of the best Hotels near Shrinathji Temple that you can choose to stay in too.

Hotels in Udaipur

Oberoi Udaivillas
This luxurious hotel is situated on the banks of a lake called Lake Pichola. It is known to showcase the royal and rich heritage and culture of Rajasthan. Four following types of rooms are available, and they have a total of ninety rooms.
  • Premier Rooms
  • Premier Lake View Rooms
  • Luxury Suites
  • Kohinoor Suites
All of these rooms are replete with air-conditioning, personal telephone connections, mini-bars, TV sets, and many other top-notch facilities. While you can get delightful Continental and Asian cuisines in the Surya Mahal, the Udai Mahal has some of the best and most exquisite Indian cuisines on its menu. The bars also have a variegated plethora of snacks and beverages which are available. The hotel also has a swimming pool and a gymnasium equipped with latest and high-end gadgets and facilities. Laundry services, car-rental services, babysitting services are also some of the other services that the hotel strives to greet you with, making sure you have an absolutely splendid stay with them.

Hotels near Shrinathji temple

The Taj Lake Palace
This was a beautiful palace built by a maharaja in around 1793 as a romantic retreat, and later became converted into an enchanting hotel in around 1963, after which the Taj hospitality chain bought it. It is located in between the lake Pichola and is furnished with a total of 83 rooms and 17 suites. Each of these rooms is replete with beautiful and mesmerizing views of the Aravallis or of the lake, or of the Jagmandir palace on the neighboring island. All these rooms are exquisitely furnished, and have top end services like on-call doctor services, car rental services, Wi-Fi connections, satellite TVs and safe boxes. There are six categories of rooms available in the Taj Lake Palace:
  • Luxury Rooms
  • Palace Rooms
  • Royal Suites
  • Royal Spa Suites
  • Grand Royal Suites
  • Shamba Prakash Suite
The hotel serves the best Rajasthani cuisines, and with each meal, a beautiful way to go to. You can choose to have your food while gliding through the clear lake waters in a variety of luxury cruisers, or you might choose to dine on the terrace of the palace, surrounded by the sheer aesthetic brilliance all around. In case you prefer European Cuisines, the hotel has an option for you-Bhairo, the cafe located on the rooftop ofthe palace, is an open air cafeteria that serves European cuisines.

Other hotels near Shrinathji Temple
Apart from these luxury hotels, there are other budget hotels too, which are located within a maximum radius of 1.5 kilometers from the temple hotels near Shrinathji Temple, the Crimson Park Shripriya, the Hotel Adamo Vaikunth Nathdwara, Shree Vilas and many others. Visit this dream destination and stay at some of these best hotels, making your trip one of the most memorable ever.